Roadside shopping through Morocco

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Roadside shopping through Morocco

Shopping in Morocco – Roadside Vendors.


There is always something for sale by the side of the road as you travel through Morocco. Depending on the region and season it may be Figs,Apricots, Pomegranate, dates, prickly pear fruit from the cactus seen marking boundaries, olive oil and honey in re-cycled plastic containers as well as local pottery stacked high , all seemingly unattended but if you stop someone will materialise fairly quickly to help you.

One of my personal favourites is the local honey produced in the mountainous regions, it is not cheap but it is some of the best you will ever taste and comes with more health giving properties than I could mention here without writing a book. During the date harvest in the southern Ziz valley you will find dates still being packed into small cardboard boxes from the tree for sale , a fantastic on the road snack coupled with local mountain grown apples that taste like the apples of my youth.

Often along the blustery Atlantic coast fishermen ply their catch freshly lifted from the swells and lifted high on sticks to get your attention. The next town with grill them for you for a few cents eaten with freshly baked bread….one way to know where your food comes from.

Then of course there is Henna from Tazrine,  cherries from Safrou near Fes, Walnuts from Imlil in the high Atlas, saffron from Talouine and if you should pass through these areas during the season or festival harvest time you are in luck. Purchasing from the source is always cheaper, cutting out the middle men, and and you are assured of authenticity.

The Souss area around Essaouira and Agadir is most famous for the now famous Argan oil which during the picking and processing season you may be lucky enough to find for sale roadside . It was once processed from goat droppings as they love the hard nuts and are often seen aloft in the trees munching on the harvest . Due to its rise to fame in the cosmetic industry in Europe it is now a mechanised process and locals now tell me they find it too expensive to buy and unless they have a relative working in the local co-operatives who can bring some home it is a rare commodity for them . Amlou , a favourite made from toasted almonds and Argan with honey sometimes added to dip warm bread in for breakfast is now mostly reserved for guests served with mint tea. When buying this oil be sure you know the source as the oil used for cooking and eating is regulated but the cosmetic oils are not regulated and often mixed with other cheaper oils. The depth of colour is often an indication as the paler it is the more diluted it will be.  The nimble local goats are frequently seen frolicking in the Argan trees enjoying the fruits or technically seeds supervised by their owner and this is probably why they have beautiful shiny soft coats  from all that vitamin E and Squaline contained in the oil. Enjoying the view and the Argan nuts


You can experience this and more if you join us on a Hidden Morocco adventure through this diverse and exotic land.

You can be sure it will be the trip of a lifetime with our expertise to guide you and show you the best of the off beaten trail places, introduce you to the wonderful food and hospitality as well as those must see intriguing cities.

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