Guided Tour of Fez Morocco

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Guided Tour of Fez Morocco

See Fez Medina Morocco with a guided tour.

Guided Tour of Fez with  a expert and knowledgeable guide.

As the sun rises pink over the Rif Mountains another superb breakfast is devoured and we are on the road for Fez the cultural and Artisan centre of Morocco. The sparsely populated countryside sprinkled with wild flowers and ever changing scenery is a delight.

Guided Tour of Fez

Fez Medina has in excess of eight –thousand shops, many magnificent Riads, mosques, museums, and the world’s oldest university founded by a woman in 859 Ad , still a place of learning today. You would be forgiven for being confused as to which century you find yourself as the Medina has changed little since medieval times and is the oldest still preserved in its original layout in the world. Our extremely knowledgeable local government authorised guide arrives to accompany us to the Sadian tombs with stunning views over the city then back to the Riad and a super relaxing soak and massage before dinner in the romantic candlelit courtyard complete with fountain.
Day two and it is early morning in the Medina. The bread ovens are busy as children on their way to school drop off the family bread for baking, each with the family mark to be picked up later in time for lunch. Some are also carrying Tanjeras or clay pots filled with Lamb and vegetables to cook on the edge of the ovens. Women collecting water at the communal fountains catch up on the news and donkeys, heavily laden and shod with rubber tyre to dull the hoof beat, start their work day. They are the only form of transport in these narrow pedestrian streets. Today we are visiting a ceramics factory for which Fez is renown. The array of goods is staggering, the fine work and design crafted totally by hand, makes it almost impossible to choose. Here you must haggle hard as these artisans have centuries of trading experience and ship goods worldwide. Next we visit the Madrasas or ancient places of learning. Although the medina is a bustling hive of activity the interior of these buildings are serene and calm with fountains and thick walls to dull the sounds of the city. Women’s and men’s study areas are separate to avoid distraction and education of both sexes is and was taken equally seriously. Here Maimonides the great Jewish scholar, born in Cordoba, lived and taught for many years before moving to Alexandria.
Wonderful scents wafting from the street stalls piled high with lamb and chicken kebabs an endless variety of cooked salads and fresh baked breads tempt us.

Time for lunch at Thamis under the Mulberry tree complete with resident well fed moggie, an essential in the Medina. Later we will visit the leather tanneries to see the whole process from camel to leather pouf, well almost, then free time to shop or just soak up the unique atmosphere that is Fez medina. An unforgettable experience.

See LINK of Fez´s tourist centre.

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