A tour of the High Atlas Mountains

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A tour of the High Atlas Mountains

Tour the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco

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The further south we travel the scenery changes dramatically as we climb slowly into the High Atlas Mountains. Here and there we are afforded the odd glimpse of Nomadic Tribes gathered with their camels around scattered black tents. They are seeking high pasture for their animals and with true Tuareg hospitality they wave and beckon us to join them for a glass of mint tea and are curious as to where we are headed. Sadly we decline their invitation as we need to reach our destination before sunset.

Ait Ben Haddu Morocco

Sometime during the upheaval that created these stunning mountains the quartz laden rocks burst open, turned the most amazing shades of violet, pink and regal purple, folded fanlike and created a surreal and beautiful landscape.
Rounding another sheer drop bend in the narrow mountain road, great faults appear pines and Eucalyptus clinging precariously to their sides, far below nestled in verdant valleys, walnut and almond groves girdle rudimentary stone dwellings huddled together and well camouflaged against the mountainside. This road goes only as far as the village of Setti Fatuma at a height of 1,550metres. This is the lofty domain of the Haouara Berber Tribe and from here we can walk to the seven waterfalls fed by the winter snow melt, which cascade hundreds of meters into the valley below. The views here are truly breath-taking, an ideal spot to watch the drama of the setting sun and contemplate a dip in a mountain pool to wash of the dust of the day.
Back at our refuge we admire the intricate carpets made by the women of the local tribe, each unique in its design to the weaver and at these prices it would be rude not to purchase a few. Dinner is a dish of barley cous cous with lamb cooked in wild herbs with dried fruits and dark mountain honey. Monire our host demonstrates how to eat this with your fingers Berber style, it is an art that takes years to perfect but everyone has a go with moderate success then revert to fork and spoon. There is goat’s milk yogurt, toasted almonds and honey to finish this delightful meal. Sleep beckons as the high altitude and pure air take effect with too many stars to count.

Group of Fennec Foxes Morocco

We are headed next for the Atlantic coastal town of Essouira previously known as Mogador under Portuguese rule, passing through the Argan growing Biosphere reserve. The oil produced from the nut of this tree which grows only in Morocco is used for cooking and cosmetic purposes and is extremely high in vitamin E. Liquid gold and delicious mixed with local honey and toasted almonds to make an almond butter for breakfast pancakes.

Tour of the High Atlas

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